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The ONLY national association SOLELY dedicated to serving the professional needs of all Middle School and Junor High Administrators in America Today!!!

The primary function of NAMSP is to provide a fraternal  organization, where middle level administrators can dialogue about common problems, programs,concerns and achievements. NAMSP will constantly strive to establish linkages among the existing state and national professional organizations and associations, to provide all middle level administrators with a "comprehensive toolbox" to use in their daily walk in middle level education.

The primary goal of NAMSP is to function as the conduit , in establishing state affiliate organizations in all 50 states!    In this process, we will create the middle level administrator advocacy organization, so long-desired and so vital to the support of all our junior high and middle school colleagues throughout the United States.

The organizational network of NAMSP is comprised of an Executive Director and seven Regional Representatives and two at- large positions, which comprise the NAMSP advisory/enabling Board.   The function of each member on the enabling Board, is to establish, state contact personnel, who will in-turn establish state middle level administrator affiliate organizations.   Each state affiliate organization will strive to establish programs that mirror those elements contained in the NAMSP mission statement, by-laws and constitution. NAMSP will produce and provide state, regional and national conferences, workshops, seminars, discussion forums, newsletters, articles;  as well as opportunities for professional fellowship for the professional support and benefit of middle level admnistrators in the United States and Canada.

2014 NAMSP Board Members and Officers:


Michael D. Hall, Ed.S. Loveland, CO (970) - 302-0807

PRESIDENT: Dr. Michael Wolgast- Pioneer Trail MS- Olathe,KS  (913) 961-3399

VICE PRESIDENT: Dr.Michelle Carney-Ray- Tighe MS- Margate,NJ  (609) 377-6422

PRINCIPAL REPRESENTATIVE: Rick Espinoza- Aztec MS- Aztec, NM (505) 334-6102


DEAN OF STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanie Mataalii- Aztec MS-NM (505) 334-6102


SPECIAL ED. COORD. REPRESENTATIVE: Elaine Carpenter- Pioneer Trail MS-Olathe,KS

Region 1 Director-Northeast:  Tom Starratt- Boynton MS-New Ipswhich,NH (603) 534-2431

Region 2 Director-Southeast:  Jay Bonstingl- Columbia, MD (410) 218-1776

Region 3 Director- Northcentral: Vacant

Region 4 Director- Southcentral: Vacant

Region 5 Director- Westcentral: John Sanborn- KAMSA-Manhattan,KS (785) 522- 2727

Region 6 Director- Northwest: Vacant

Region 7 Director- Southwest: Karyn Bertelsen- UT.

State Chairs: Tim VanTasel- Enfield, CT, Michael Alessandroni- Wolf, PA, Rick Espinoza- Aztec ,NM

DIRECTOR OF ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Patti Shafer- Aztec, NM (505) 880-9741

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING:  Ann Snider- Ft. Collins, CO  (970) 493- 3733

HIGHER ED./FINE ARTS REPRESENTATIVE:  Dr. Alan McClung- North Texas State University- Denton, TX 

DIRECTOR OF LEADERSHIP: Jay Bonstingl- Columbia, MD